Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is Man Utd?

One word. --- Champions!

Now for Europe...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's wednesday... 2.30 in the morning. Physically drained from the round the clock revision, yet I am still awake. Why? Because it is Champions League Semis!!!! Man Utd vs Barca! It's worth everything! I almost tore out my shirt when the soccer ball left Paul Scholes boots. That shot was so beauuuutifullyy taken that the ball swerved away from the goalkeeper into the top right corner of the goal.

But for the next 75mins became the longest football match i have ever watched. Nevertheless, Sir Alex Ferguson can now say 'adios' to Barcelona and say 'Здравствуйте!' to Moscow. In any case, let's hope that the best team wins in the finals. (Chelsea and Liverpool are suckers and losers) so that left us with Man Utd again. I shall be watching the finals overseas again. This time I will watch it in Switzerland. The last one, i watched it in Macau and in 2005, I watched it in Poland. Glory glory Man Utd! Oh no.. I have a Fluid Mech paper on Sat.. crap

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have finished the EG1471 paper and for the whole 2hrs 15mins, i kept wondering did time stop? Hmm.... if only the time I had for the essay could be transferred to my math and materials paper on mon and tues. Anyway... everytime i do a blog, it's either i am too angry abt smth or i need to complain abt smth. This time it is that damn chelsea suckers. They are bloody cheats and freaking irritating. C'mon Man Utd! Let's show them attractive football~! * if only Roman Abramovich could read this* The only thing that is keeping me sane is my girlfriend's wonderful cooking. Chef Meng Ni got her kitchen renovated quite nicely and it was immediately put to full use. Soup, Cup cakes, Naans, Curry, Cookies all created with her commitment and love. (++2 points level up) heeheee... this blog is done at my own will... no more titles about saving the Earth or how much lesser oxygen we should breathe, in hoping that the ozone layers would close up. Muahahaha.... i just hope Ms Dara would'nt read this. I don't think she reads anyway. But i really think she is nice. (thinking of the next 3 years in NUS) CELC is just block away from ENGINE. 4 more papers, too many things, too little time. + Champions League football on tues night. Pray Pray Pray me and Ronaldo gets super fired up and on-form. All Man Utd fan out there lets roar the red devils to Moscow. All chelsea fans out there...burn in hell..! I got to go hug buddha's feet now...amituofo =)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sane Environmentalism is the Way to Go

After reading “saving nature”, I do agree with views of the author. He described nature as a servant and to be sacrifice over man if needed. I truly believe in his sentiment as I have always followed the ‘survival of the fittest’ attitude in life. Just by emulating the behavior of nature, trees in the Amazon outgrow each other for sunlight. Those plants underneath then could not survive and dies to become nutrients for other trees. I could not say more for animals in the wildlife. I have seen celebrities and politicians claiming to be green and hard core environmentalist, resulting in news headlines and more talk shows. Even the environmental issues and cutting of green house gases are part of the American election package. It has already become a norm in all speeches and yet I still see them driving luxurious car and living in fully air-conditioned houses which uses more electricity than any estate. Stating all my views, I now introduce the third category of environmental exhibitor. This particular group of people uses environmental issues to their benefits, saying what people wants to hear without intention of fulfilling it. Unfortunately, this group dominates the majority of the headlines and drowns out the stories of ‘Sane’ environmentalist. I believe these sane environmentalists are more efficient as they think critically and make decisive environment decisions. Just think about it, human lives are of course more important than anything in times of a disaster. Rescuers would do anything just to save a life during a forest fire or flood and people would praise them for their heroic effort. This shows how naturally human reacts in a life and death situations. Therefore, I believe that the ‘Sane’ environmentalist attitude is the way to best tackle our Earth’s environment problems. Only those realistic enough to realize it should be fit to be on the frontpage.

Charles Krauthammer, Saving Nature, But Only for Man

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Carbon Footprints in an Urban Jungle

The need for energy has always been on the rise to power economies of many nations. Not only are the developed western countries producing more and more carbon emissions, but there is a growing problem as the population in Africa and Asia start living improved lifestyles which consume more energy. I, as a commoner living in an urban jungle, am guilty of my carbon footprint left around. In this era, carbon emission will always be left behind. It is said that electrical consumption is the biggest producer of carbon emission. Just by switching on the coffee machine or the fan will contribute to more carbon emission. Therefore, carbon footprint is inevitable. However, I do try to reduce them whenever I can. For example, I try to avoid driving to school and instead take the public transport, however the recent increase in ERP was the main factor for the change. Air-conditioning units are also one of the biggest culprits in carbon footprint. They are the main source of comfort for all students and workers. Just imagine the amount of electricity they demand which will lead to more carbon emission. In all, just by typing more will increase my carbon footprint.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Problem Encountered in Writing

A pen is a tool for people to express their views and ideas while writing is an art of communication. Many people may find difficulties in their writing due to lack of confidence in their sentence structuring. Although it is a cliché, but practice still makes near perfect, boosting confidence. Inspiration is also a factor in writing. For example, a writer will need an inspired topic or event to be able to create an interesting writing. For some, a good idea is all they need to kick start their writing adventure. Just by watching more documentary films and even action movies can be the seed to a good piece of writing. Being able to write, will allow people to express their imaginations freely thus resulting in better communication.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Environmental issues in Singapore

Marine Biodiversity in Singapore calling out for S.O.S... The threat against the marine life off the coast of Singapore is increasing. Coral reefs that are part of Singapore’s underwater floral are decreasing at an alarming rate. Marine lives are also being forced away from the polluted waters to look for other suitable homes. All these are caused by the many reclamation works by the people and the busy waterway of Singapore. For a small island like Singapore, land space is scarce, therefore reclamation works are necessary. Hence, the marine habitations are being sacrificed for the benefits of the people. The Straits of Singapore is a busy shipping line for many ships from around the world resulting in much water pollution from the over-crowded water. The lives of the people and the economy are surely put on a higher priority than the marine biodiversity but that does not mean we can neglect them. The government could try to relocate more of the coral reefs into public aquariums where the money generated could be use to clean up the polluted water. The aquarium could also be used to educate the people about water pollution and its bad effects. The people can then be assured of clean and clearer water for their children to live with.